Q. What information do I have to provide to create my Buddysecret account?

A. You have to enter your name to create your Buddysecret account.


Q. Can I delete my name from my friend’s Friendship Diary friend board?

A. No, you cannot delete your name from a friend’s Buddysecret friend board. But your friend can delete your name from their end. 


Q. Can I share my Friendship Diary with friends?

A. Yes, you can share your Friendship Diary by copying the link to your profile and sending it to your friends.


Q. Do I have the option to edit my answers in my friend’s Friendship Diary?

A. Once you submit your answers, you cannot edit them again. 


Q. What if I don’t want to answer all the questions in the Friendship Diary?

A. There is an option in every question “do not want to answer” that you can choose in such a situation.